Scotty Owen is the man for ski and snowboard boot fittings. Down to earth dude that’s been doing this for decades. New boots fit great. He dropped some knowledge on me and taught me how to tune and wax my board too. These are the types of relationships that you will want to hold on to forever.

Jacko I.

Scotty, my feet thank you brother. I have had daily pain for 6 years until now. I can actually do things after work now instead of having to elevate my feet every day. Thank you so much. Your the man!

Scotty B.

Scotty Owens is a magician in my eyes! I found his shop when visiting a neighboring business. I had quit skiing as some reconstructive surgery and accompanying metal components had made it very uncomfortable if not painful. I took my boots to PSC and explained my issues. Scotty was able to modify my liner and adjust the buckles. He is very passionate and loves to share his experiences. I will return for new boots next season. He was very reasonable and explained exactly what he was doing. I am now able to ski with my grandson! Really appreciate what he accomplished for me! Thanks again Scotty!

Robert M.

I’m an elementary educator in Oregon and recently came down to OC to visit my parents. I’m 23 years old and on my feet 10 hours a day. I have always experienced discomfort and pain in my feet, dealing with shin splints for the last 8 years and having high arches. I visited Scotty and Jeff at Pro Service Center and I have been pain free for the last week! I can insert my custom orthotic insoles into my walking, running, and hiking shoes without worrying about my pain any longer. Scotty did a great job keeping me informed during the insole process and gave recommendations for shoes that work best with my feet. It is obvious that that they are passionate about what they do- their experience shows in their work. I would tell any of my friends to come get fitted with Scotty and Jeff!

Avery A.

Scott is super nice and very knowledgeable when it comes to feet, orthotics, and athletics. I had both of my feet completely reconstructed and upgraded with metal and he helped me with two new pairs of orthotics. He made one set tailored to my day to day shoes and another set tailored to my stance & movements as a snowboarder. I took the snowboarding orthotics out for a spin and it made a world of difference in the comfort of my feet. Beyond being great at what he does, Scott is also a lovely person to talk to and do business with. Thank you so much, I am sure I will be back again!

Ivy G.

What an amazing experience, WOW! Scott is one of the brightest people I’ve met. He knows everything about his field and is a wealth of knowledge. He will spend as much time with you and is soooo patient. He doesn’t care about the money but values making his customers feel better and having them perform to the best of their ability. Thank you Scott for your great service and all of your help! I wish there was more people like you!

Pi G.

Found Pro Service Center on Yelp out of a dire need for orthodics for my running and work shoes. What a great find! Scott is wonderful, friendly and very knowledgable. Making an appointment was easy too. The best part is that your custom orthodics are made during your appointment so Scott can make sure they are a perfect fit. I brought in 3 pairs of shoes and was able to try the orthodic in each pair. Scott even was able stretch a pair of my shoes that were alittle snug. As for the price, I paid about 1/4-1/3 of what I was expecting to pay! I’ve already recommended Scott to my coworkers.

Vicki P.

My boyfriend and I stopped by Pro Service Center this evening for the first time and Scott was wonderful! Very friendly, and he was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about body mechanics. Although we stayed past their closing time, Scott was extremely patient and really wanted to make sure my boyfriend had the perfect fit with his new insole. At no point during our appointment did he make us feel rushed at all. Thank you Scott, five star service! (Major props for all the crazy ski stories haha).

Jasmine K.

The obvious is ski boot fitting with Scotty and JVT having a combined 80+ years experience and no one better for a customized ski boot fit but consider other sports and activities as well. Scotty is currently reconfiguring a pair of Hoka trail shoes for hiking in Zermatt this summer. For all ski and snowboard needs remember both Sport Chalet and Sports Authority are gone. This is the place for boot fitting and tune ups on skis and snowboards.

Richard L.

I would like to thank Scotty for making my life a hundred times easier due to the fact that I have been suffering from strong knee pains for the past couple years, I have tried everything in the book to try and help the pain but nothing has worked until I went on a vacation to California and heard about Pro Service Center Custom Insoles. Scotty has gone above and beyond to make the perfect fitting insoles for my shoes. Ive been wearing my insoles every day and since then Ive had absolutely no pain in my knees and I am able to do all of the activities that I wasn’t able to do before. Thank you so very much Scotty and your team for changing lives!

Neysa B.

Scotty, thank you for my custom insoles, I’m addicted! They were perfectly molded to my feet, down to each toe and heal, I can’t wait to try them in my ski boots on the slopes this year. My favorite shoes nowadays are the ones that I can slip them into. My feet no longer hurt on long walks, especially in the heels. If anyone needs this, message me. They really work. Mark’s getting his made today. Woohoo!

Nora I