Fitting Services

If you lace or buckle it, we can help fix it.


Liners, shells and shoes can be stretched for needed length, width and height for the front of the foot and width for the heel with our heat guns and our hydraulic expanders.


Sometime buckles need to be moved when heaters are installed. Also, if you have a thin or thick leg, it may be necessary to move the location of the buckle so the boot can be tightened or moved to allow for more space. Sometimes in smaller sizes, the buckles collide when the boot is flexed preventing the boot to flex the way it does in larger sizes.


Adjusting the upper cuff of the boot shell to copy the angle of your lower leg so that you can get the feel you desire from the edge of the ski.


We have a collection of pads that we have used over the years. Pieces of foam that are cut from templates and custom shaped to relieve uneven pressure spots.


Sometimes the hard shell boots you’ve purchased are not ideal for the upper cuff buckle and instep when flexing the knees forward. We can realign, adjust and place the rivets / buckle in a more strategic location to allow the boot to function more efficiently.


Too stiff, too soft, too straight up, too forward. All these issues can be adjusted for what feels good and works best for you.