Insoles Irvine CA

Insoles Irvine CA

custom-insoles-irvine-caCustom Insoles Irvine CA – Our Orange County location allows you to have your footwear fit or modified so when you are on the snow, on the links, on the trail, on the road etc… you are maximizing your fun at whatever sport or sports are your passion. The value of custom insoles and fitting is understood when the pain goes away and comfort and the performance is increased. We can fit your new or old ski and snowboard boots to your feet and help you discover how fun the sport you love can be. Pain is bad, fun is good! Performance and comfort are a chain reaction that starts in the feet and moves up through the ankle, knee, hip, back and brain.

Cold feet

Your instep may have pressure because you have a high arch or you are over buckling your boot. Over buckling trying to get more control of the boot can cut off the circulation to the foot. Sometimes the tongue of the boot can be modified to increase circulation. Boot heaters can also be added to a boot.

Toe nail Loss

Toe nail loss is caused by the big toe being jammed repeatedly into the front of the boot. Incorrect skiing technique and a boot that is too big are the causes. Taking a lesson and having the correct size boot with a custom insole will give support under the arch and reduce the sliding.


Rubbing or sliding in the shoe or boot creates blisters. This is usually caused by the boot or shoe being too large. The wrong socks either in thickness or material can make your skin raw in almost an allergic reaction. Long underwear and ski pants tucked in your boot can also cause blisters. The solution is to teach you proper buckling, lacing and sock selection. One cause is pronation that can cause a blister in the arch usually solved with a custom insole.

Ball on Fire

Not enough width provided by the shoe or a boot can cause Ball on Fire pain. When this happens your foot will start throbbing from the bottom just behind the toes and maybe cramp up. Usually the solution is to stretch the liner and the shell to allow the foot to relax more naturally.

Shin Bite

Typically we remove material in the specific pain area inside the boot tongue or if there’s an interior void area recognized when the boot is buckled, we add a custom pad. Sometimes we add a Velcro strap or change the buckle location on the boot.

Tight Foot

This is when the boot or shoes simply does not allow enough room for the width of the foot. The foot will start to develop its own heart beat or throbbing pain. The shell and liner or shoe can be stretched allowing the foot to relax or naturally splay. This allows for better balance and comfort.


Liners, shells and shoes can be stretched for needed length, width and height for the front of the foot and width for the heel with our heat guns and our hydraulic expanders.


Sometime buckles need to be moved when heaters are installed. Also if you have a thin or thick leg, it may be necessary to move the location of the buckle so the boot can be tightened or moved to allow for more space. Sometimes in smaller sizes, the buckles collide when the boot is flexed preventing the boot to flex the way it does in larger sizes.


Adjusting the upper cuff of the boot shell to copy the angle of your lower leg so that you can get the feel you desire from the edge of the ski.


Sometimes the hard shell boots you’ve purchased are not ideal for the upper cuff buckle and instep when flexing the knees forward. We can realign, adjust and place the rivets /buckle in a more strategic location to allow the boot to function more efficiently.


Too stiff, too soft too straight up, to forward. All these issues can be adjusted for what feels good and works best for you.

Custom Pads

We have a collection of pads that we have used over the years pieces of foam that are cut from templates and custom shaped to relieve uneven pressure spots.