I have very hard to fit feet. Buying shoes is a most unpleasant experience. I have a very low mass foot with a skinny heel and calf. I once spent 10 hours to find hiking boots that fit well. Once I spent 3 hours in a running shoe store to find the right shoes. When I arrived, the fitter said “try on this one”. Three hours later and after trying on many shoes guess which one I bought? The only one the fitter suggested. A good boot fitter makes all the difference in your sporting or regular life. Jeff fitted my most recent snowboard boot purchase. He worked with me until it was right. That was 8 years ago and the boots still fit great and I have no intention/need to think about my boots. Recently, I went to Jeff to get custom insoles for my regular shoes. They fit great the first time, no adjustments needed.. And he charged only a small percentage of the $500 I spent for custom insoles at a world known orthopedic center. Jeff has decades of experience fitting ski teams and fitting for boot manufacturers on the tour. He is patient and he explains the reason why he recommends this or that. Try him out. He will deliver the best bang for the buck you can get.Gerald C. | Huntington Beach, CA


Scotty, my feet thank you brother. I have had daily pain for 6 years until now. I can actually do things after work now instead of having to elevate my feet every day. Thank you so much. Your the man!Scotty B. | Tustin, CA


Jeff is the best ski boot fitter ever. Jeff is very knowledgeable about ski boots and feet. I have sensitive feet and Jeff has been alleviating my ski boot pain issues for years. He also made me comfortable insoles for my cycling shoes. I highly recommend Jeff and Pro Service CenterSusan V. | Irvine, CA


I’m an elementary educator in Oregon and recently came down to OC to visit my parents. I’m 23 years old and on my feet 10 hours a day. I have always experienced discomfort and pain in my feet, dealing with shin splints for the last 8 years and having high arches. I visited Scotty and Jeff at Pro Service Center and I have been pain free for the last week! I can insert my custom orthotic insoles into my walking, running, and hiking shoes without worrying about my pain any longer. Scotty did a great job keeping me informed during the insole process and gave recommendations for shoes that work best with my feet. It is obvious that that they are passionate about what they do- their experience shows in their work. I would tell any of my friends to come get fitted with Scotty and Jeff!Avery A. | Eugene, OR


Thank You Jeff!! I work for Squaw Valley and have been lucky enough to have my boots and street shoes done by PSC. Through the years Ive had numerous foot injuries and surgeries, extremely painful at times. Since having my footwear done, the pain has greatly decreased, my posture is better, and I have Happy Feet!!
This has been a great season and spending as much time as I do in boots, I’m amazed! Thank you again for giving me more comfort and control when I really needed it!Michael F. | Capistrano Beach, CA


Excellent and thorough work setting me up for both my ski boots and my day-to-day shoes with inserts and levelers. Jeff was a really excellent and explaining the options and the reasons for his recommendations.Loretta P. | Newport Beach, CA


This is top notch facility for custom insoles. Jeff at PSC knows how to contour your awkward feet issues with latest technology as well having a lot of patience. I was in-between ski boot size and Jeff repeatedly helped me get comfortable. Highly recommend this place for not only skiing but all types of other activities.Nimesh U. | Southern California, CA


I live just around the corner and was amazed that there is a top notch boot fitter in my neighborhood. Jeff is way better than any of the ski boot retailers around both in terms of knowledge of ski gear and having all of the tools to make shoes fit your foot.
Jeff was great and punched out my alpine ski boots and cooked the liners for my alpine touring boots. Both boots are ready to go for next ski season.
I will be recommending Jeff to my friends who previously were stuck with one time boot fit visits at the resorts.Aaron K. | Costa Mesa, CA


After being stricken with chronic pain in my heels for almost two months, not able to walk much, nor wear my coveted high heels and visiting 5 different medical specialists, whereby none could remedy my ailment, nor tell me the cause of the redness, inflammation and soreness I was experiencing, I found out about “Pro Service Center”… Decided to give it my last try and stopped by Scotty’s shop for some advice, given his great reputation in the “foot business”. For a woman like me that adores fashion and amazing high heels, finding Scotty was one of the biggest treats! Can you imagine wearing Louboutins with sore feet???

One week has passed since I have been wearing the Custom Soles he made for me, after carefully studying every inch of my feet, to determine my needs and all I can say is that I feel like I walk on clouds now!
I am about 90% healed, doing my long walks, and I can even wear my high heels again!!!
To me, he is the Guru of Orthotics and his years of hands-on experience, knowledge, true care and dedication to see that your feet are pampered, will make him one of your favorite people!
I am simply thrilled with the results and want the world to know it… Thank you PSC!!!Young H. | Newport Beach, CA


The obvious is ski boot fitting with Scotty and JVT having a combined 80+ years experience and no one better for a customized ski boot fit but consider other sports and activities as well. Scotty is currently reconfiguring a pair of Hoka trail shoes for hiking in Zermatt this summer. For all ski and snowboard needs remember both Sport Chalet and Sports Authority are gone. This is the place for boot fitting and tune ups on skis and snowboardsRichard L.


I would like to thank Scotty for making my life a hundred times easier due to the fact that I have been suffering from strong knee pains for the past couple years, I have tried everything in the book to try and help the pain but nothing has worked until I went on a vacation to California and heard about Pro Service Center Custom Insoles. Scotty has gone above and beyond to make the perfect fitting insoles for my shoes. Ive been wearing my insoles every day and since then Ive had absolutely no pain in my knees and I am able to do all of the activities that I wasn’t able to do before. Thank you so very much Scotty and your team for changing lives!Neysa B.


Scotty, thank you for my custom insoles, I’m addicted! They were perfectly molded to my feet, down to each toe and heal, I can’t wait to try them in my ski boots on the slopes this year. My favorite shoes nowadays are the ones that I can slip them into. My feet no longer hurt on long walks, especially in the heels. If anyone needs this, message me. They really work. Mark’s getting his made today. Woohoo!Nora I.